Ward off Alzheimer’s with Wine

Alzheimer’s is a horrible condition that many older people sadly suffer from, with more of them being diagnosed with the illness every single day. There are many theories out there but there is no proof to the cause of this illness, which eventually makes sufferers forget who they are and everyone around them. Recent studies have shown however that drinking a glass of wine on a regular basis (and getting a good night’s sleep), can help prevent this neurodegenerative disease.

Many people claim that alcohol consumption is bad but if consumed sensibly, scientists have proven that it is actually beneficial to your health. You might be wondering why this is? Researchers at UCL have discovered that a good night sleep in combination with some little exercise and wine positively stimulate the brain. This helps to prevent the build up of plaque which makes dementia and other related conditions thrive. They don’t know much else about this topic right not, except from the fact that red wine is more beneficial than white or rose.

Although a small glass of red wine occasionally is good for alzheimers, too much alcohol consumption is not. You could actually be slowly killing your brain cells if you drink too often/too much or a combination of the two, so keep this in mind. It’s so important that you use your common sense when drinking, realising that moderation is fine while excess is not. If you feel like your drinking is getting out of control, try and stop and find other ways to unwind.

There are many delicious red wines out there that you can keep in your cupboard and drink occasionally. Now you have an even bigger reason to drink wine than the pure enjoyment, you are also doing it for the good of your health.