£7 Sauvignon Blanc Wins Wine Award

When most people think of the best tasting wine in the world, they think of very expensive bottles that are extremely out of budget and from years ago, especially if this accolade is chosen by experts in the wine world. This theory has recently been thrown out of the window however, when a Morrisons £7 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc topped the Decanter World Wine Awards. These particularly awards are considered the Oscars of the wine world, so this is a pretty big achievement for such an affordable wine.

This bottle also earned itself a platinum achievement at the awards, which is usually handed out to wines that cost at least £200! This wine is from New Zealand, produced from the most divine vineyards in the country. It’s appealing to know that you can go to the bank, take out a small amount of cash and still buy an award-winning wine with it! If you love passionfruit, gooseberry and elderflower flavours, the Sauvignon Blanc is right for you because it has a combination of all these tastes. You should keep in mind that this Morrisons wine by the brand MasterCraft is usually available for £10, but it is currently on offer for £7.

The wines being judged at this awards show are all given a score out of a possible 100 points going over several categories and this wine racked up an impressive 97 points. It just goes to show that the higher the price doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. It also might teach wine snobs not to be quite so judgemental with certain wines. There could be a hidden gem lurking on any shelves in supermarkets around the world. If you have a Morrisons near you, this wine is worth picking up and experiencing for yourself before it’s all sold out!