5 Good Supermarket Red Wines

You might feel like you do not have enough money in your budget to spoil yourself with a good bottle of red wine, but you might be surprised. There is such a broad range of red wines on your high street that have even won accolades for their flavour and quality. Let’s have a look at just some of the top ones in 2018:

1. Astro Costera Pinot Noir

This is a new world red wine, with some amazing tastes that will simply blow your mind. This is a berry flavoured wine with some salty taste, far more sophisticated than what you would usually find in a supermarket. Better yet, it is available for an affordable £14.99.

2. Bordeaux Superieur 2015

Only got £6.00 to spend on a delicious bottle of red? You are in luck! This tastes very plummy and way more sophisticated than what the price tag indicates. This will also help you experience the health benefits associated with red wine. Bordeaux always create amazing wines and this cheap one is no different.

3. Beefsteak Club Malbec

As the name suggests, this wine goes perfectly with steak and it’s priced at a little more expensive, but still reasonable £16.99. This smooth wine has won a whole host of awards, it has delicious fruity tastes and it is well worth purchasing this year.

4. Sainsburys Priorat

Costing just £10.00, this intense red wine from Sainsburys tastes amazing and it actually comes from the amazing mountainous vineyards of Spain.

5. Domaine Bousquet Reserve Pinot Noir

This red wine is perfect for both entertaining friends or enjoying a romantic evening in with your other half. This amazing bottle of wine might be a little more pricey at £15.75 but the quality plus the unique tastes definitely make it worth it.